What is Google Tools and how these tools work


Google Cape

Google Keep is known as a unique tool for taking user notes so that all notices, tasks, reminders, and images that the user want to save can save in an organized and easy-to-view manner. The user can add voice reminders by recording them, and this tool works on computers and devices Tablets, and even smartphone devices.


Google Forms

One of the tools that can access by creating a user account on Google Drive is Google Forms, an agency specializing in creating questionnaires, polls, and multiple-choice tests.


Google Duo

(Google Duo), it is a tool provided by Google to provide video calling service on mobile phones that run on (Android) and (iOS) operating systems, and this tool does not require only the presence of a phone number to identify the contacts who own this The application; this tool characterized by providing high-quality calls.


Google Calendar

The Google Calendar tool is used to arrange the user’s time events and invite others to participate in them, or even compare them with other users ’calendar. The user can create more than one calendar and then display them all within one window. Each event will appear on the calendar in a color that distinguishes it from the other; you can take advantage of this tool by creating a new Google Account.


Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the tools provided by Google to edit and modify various files, such as Word files, spreadsheets, and presentations. These files can save on the Google file system, then accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. This tool provides the ability to exchange files with other users and modification by more than one user simultaneously.


Google Tasks

(Google Task) this tool can organize the user’s work and tasks by arranging these works according to their importance and sorting them for personal or work-related tasks.


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