What is Browser acceleration and how it is working


Minimize open tabs

Each tab that opened consumes a portion of random access memory RAM, and if you open a huge number of tabs at once, this will disable the device, regardless of which web browser used and although some browsers consume less memory, Random-access compared to other browsers, except that all browsers consume part of the RAM every time a new tab opened through it.


Change the device’s DNS settings.

The DNS settings of the computer or router control the speed at which the web browser works, as DNS servers translate domain names into IP addresses on web servers where websites hosted there. DNS servers vary in their speed and accuracy, It is also possible to change the automatic settings of the DNS servers to other faster and stronger ones, and it is worth noting that there are free DNS services that help to significantly increase the speed of the browser, and enhance the security features.


Delete cache and browsing history content

To enable the browser to work well and at the highest possible speed, it is essential to delete the cache and browsing history frequently, as the more extensive the browser cache size, the longer it takes to search through the images and pages stored in it to find The results are suitable for the research conducted. The cache usually works more efficiently when it did not clutter with much data.


Read more Check for spyware.

Windows users can benefit from the software removal tool provided by Google for them, in addition to the importance of checking the system periodically using anti-malware programs, and Mac users can also search for versions of anti-malware programs for Mac.


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