Types of high-level programming languages


Algorithmic languages

Algorithmic languages ​​or computational languages ​​are the first types of high-level programming languages, and it is a language designed to express various mathematical calculations. It allows the expression of algebraic operations like mathematics, and it also allows the use of additional programs to repeat the use of mathematical functions, examples of which are :

  • Fortran language: (FORTRAN), designed in 1957 by a team at IBM, and is used in performing scientific calculations on real numbers arranged in a one-dimensional or multi-dimensional matrix.
  • ALGOL: Designed by a committee of American and European computer scientists, is dedicated to disseminating algorithms and performing iterative calculations to solve problems.
  • C language: developed by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Crane for programming various operating systems.


Business languages ​​and data processing

These languages ​​are useful for processing data and files and solving problems related to them; an example is the Common Business Oriented Language, known as COBOL, a language designed to be used exclusively in mainframe computers in 1959 for business applications. Then, it used to program financial applications, and the syntax in it is similar to the natural language, making it easy to use, as it supports many different operating systems such as Unix, Windows, and Linux.


Lists and strings

String and List Processing languages ​​allow searching for, inserting, or removing characters from lists and strings, an example of which is the LISP language that was developed by John McCarthy and now used in artificial intelligence applications, through List transactions and operations in parentheses.


Other high-level programming languages

Other high-level programming languages ​​in the computer include the following:

  • Object-oriented programming languages: (Object-Oriented Programming Language), in which the program divided into objects (Object), examples of which are Java (Java) and C ++ (C ++).
  • Visual Programming Language: They used in building Windows applications, examples of which are the Visual C language, and the Visual Basic language.


High-level languages

High-level languages ​​are very similar to the English language, which makes them easy to use in writing various programs, where the programming instructions represented in the form of English words or mathematical symbols, and then translated into machine language for the computer to understand and implement. These languages ​​are divided into types Different according to their use.


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