Top unconventional Marketing Ideas you should know



Marketing is the process of attracting clients and customers; For services or goods sold or provided by a specific company, marketing includes research, promotion, sale, and expansion, and success in this field lies on the person’s persuasive ability, the strength of his marketing plan, and creating an increasing audience base of customers and customers.

Creative Marketing

Creative marketing is one type of marketing explicitly developed for owners of small projects that do not have a large capital. This method focuses on creativity, flexibility, and a kind of risk and this method differs from other methods; Because it invests more in imagination, effort, and time than it invested in money, and focuses on continuous dedication with the customer, following him up even after the purchase, and combining a mixture of marketing methods,

Among the ideas of creative marketing is drawing with chalk on the floor of the store, drawings that invite customers to enter the store, or opening a direct video shoot from social networking sites to display a product, which allows customers to see the product and interact with the marketer, and ask him directly about the advantages and prices of the offered goods, and other inquiries. The company logo can be changed daily to suit the annual occasion; For any of the holidays or international days, write about it and publish it on all the company’s social media sites.


Marketing ideas that allow small businesses to grow with limited budgets; It is the participation of companies larger than them that benefit from the marketing provided to them, and increase their sales, which supports the partnership, strengthens it, and increases the company’s credibility in front of other job opportunities if recommended by those large companies.

Contests and free gifts

Everyone loves gifts and surprises; Thus, symbolic gifts or products that less than market prices can offer; To provide publicity and publish the brand name to develop from it; Such as, notebooks, or electronic books, and it can promote through social networking sites, and promotional gifts such as notebooks, balloons, and key chains that contain the company logo can also present, and free products can offer; For customers to try it, and express their opinion about it on the company’s page or communication sites.


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