The Top five best browsers for Android


Firefox Focus

(Firefox Focus) One of the best internet browsers that work on Android devices because it contains many different features such as protecting user privacy, as it clears browsing history as soon as you exit the application and close it, and this data can also delete when the browser is running. It is easy to click on the trash can icon on its screen, and it should note that this browser launched on Android devices in 2017.


Microsoft Edge Browser

(Microsoft Edge) you can use the version of the Microsoft Edge browser that works on Android phones to get many different features; It is possible to log into this browser via Android devices using a Microsoft account to synchronize some of the user’s browsing data such as bookmarks, and through this browser, it is possible to move between web pages that opened on the Android phone and between those pages that opened on a computer It runs on Windows 10 operating system.


Dolphin Browser

(Dolphin) one of the browsers that work successfully on Android devices. This browser has many different features that made it one of the best Android browsers; The incognito browsing feature can use through it, and it works to prevent ads from appearing, and many other different support elements.


Brave Browser

It is one of the free browsers that work on Android devices. This browser launcher in 2016 AD; it is one of the latest browsers that work on this type of device. It contains essential features such as the ability to browse through what is known as the incognito mode and the use of bookmarks in browsing. In addition to this, Brave Browser contains a feature to block ads and block scripts, and it also includes some add-ons that increase browsing speed and reduce energy consumption.


Via Browser

It is a free browser of small size, and it contains many remarkable features; As the ability to block the display of images while browsing through the use of mobile data packages, and a specific page can save for use in the absence of an Internet connection, in addition to the ability to adjust many different settings in it; As the level of background brightness, or set to wipe data automatically while exiting it, the VIA browser is a right choice for old Android devices.


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