The Top 5 fastest and lightest browser in 2020


The Top 5 fastest and lightest browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox browser is considered one of the best browsers ever, it is a browser that is characterized by its high speed, and its consumption of little random access memory (RAM) on the device even with the opening of a large number of pages, and the Mozilla Firefox search engine is a right choice for users who care to maintain the privacy of their data This browser also has many great features, such as automatic ad-blocking and support for registration without using a password.


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser works on the Windows 10 operating system, it is also called (Spartan), and it contains many different security features; As encryption that prevents phishing attacks on the Internet, it also has support for other browser add-ons, such as Chrome and Firefox, and this browser characterized by its simple interface, its low consumption of device resources, and its compatibility with various social media.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome occupies an advanced place in the best browsers; it is a browser characterized by high speed. Many settings allow the user to ensure the most efficient use of this browser. It also supports parental control through the use of parental controls available on it, and it is possible to use the system Two-factor authentication. It is worth noting that the Google Chrome browser provides many add-ons and features of interest to web application developers.



The Safari browser is installed automatically on the iPhone and iPad devices. Apple launched it in 2003 AD, through which it is possible to specify preferred web pages, open more than one tab at an equal time, or even synchronize between pages that are opened on more than Device, using the iCloud account used on those devices.



The opera browser considers one of the best internet browsers, as it can run many extensions for Google Chrome. Many add-ons can install on this browser through the Chrome Web Store, and this browser also contains a feature called (in English: domain highlighting) that allows the user to show the address The URL of the page is straightforward and easy by hiding a large part of it.


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