The most beneficial programming languages ​​in the job market



JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that used to add interaction in various websites, and it is increasingly popular with developers, as a statistic conducted by Stack Overflow, a popular site used by developers to share their skills, showed; JavaScript is the most used programming language for the year 2018, with a rate of 69.8% for the sixth year in a row, and in a survey conducted by the same site showed that the salary of a JavaScript developer is estimated globally at about $ 55,000 annually and in the United States about $98,000.



Python is a high-level programming language with tremendous popularity in 2018, surpassing the popularity of C-Sharp. With broad uses in web development, machine learning, and data analysis, and the increased demand for it is due to the ongoing interest in the field of artificial intelligence; This made it the fastest-growing programming language, according to, and the average salary of a Python programmer estimated at $ 56,000 annually.



Swift language is a new programming language issued by Apple in 2014 AD to develop iPhone applications and Mac applications. Developers prefer it due to its ease of use and good performance compared to the C-Objective language, The language used in Mac and iPhone operating systems, as it ranked first as the most preferred language for the year 2015 AD, and fourth place for the year 2017 AD. It recommends an excellent option in the labor market for people who are considering entering mobile application development as a profit-making profession.


C ++

C ++ pronounced, and it is a programming language that created in 1983 as an alternative to the C language, and it is widely popular because it can use in different sectors; Including financial sectors, games, telecommunications, electronic banking services, retail trade and others, and among the most notable projects that used this language: Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and most Adobe applications, in addition to the Amazon site, and it is one of the most powerful languages ​​in existence, and characterized by its dependence on The core platform, in which the program executed in the same operating system in which it developed.



The Java language is a functional programming language for learning, designed to overcome the complexities of C ++. It is a popular language used by companies to develop back-end systems and desktop applications, and developers use it to create server-side applications. Apps, video games, and Android mobile apps.


C Sharp

C-Sharp is a high-level programming language close to the English language, with the advantage of being versatile; Microsoft designed it to develop applications, web services, mobile applications, server applications, and game development through the Unity game engine, among others.


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