The easiest method to build a free website on the Internet


How a site works

Users can easily build a website by following the following steps:

  • Choose a specific topic for the site; To determine its type and how to build it.
  • We are choosing free hosting sites from the available hosting sites on the Internet.
  • Registration on the hosting site by creating an account on it.
  • Choose the appropriate domain name; it can be separate from the hosting site, or it may be a subdomain thereof.
  • Design the site in a way appropriate to the site’s theme; Hosting sites may provide ready-made templates and templates that help to create the site, and they may also allow writing code to customize the site as desired.
  • Add website content; Which varies between articles, pictures, videos, and others depending on the type of site.
  • It is publishing the site with interest in its follow-up, maintenance, and updating.


Free hosting sites

Here are some of the free hosting sites that provide a free domain for creating websites:

  • Wix site.
  • Weebly.
  • WordPress site.
  • Webnode.
  • Jimdo website.
  • Bookmark.
  • WebStarts.
  • (IM Creator) website.
  • Sitey.
  • Ucraft website.


Website programming languages

Among the programming languages ? that can build websites, design them, and add specific dynamics to them:

  • (PHP) language: It is a server-side language, where the web page process on the server and not inside the browser before it present to the user, and PHP codes can use as a separate file or within a regular HTML document.
  • JavaScript: A language that allows performing specific website actions, interacting with content, and supports object-oriented elements.
  • HTML: It is one of the popular programming languages? For creating and designing websites. It uses keywords enclosed in brackets to give specific output in the browser window, called the markup language.
  • CSS: It is a complementary language that helps formulate HTML codes. It allows the website developer to change the (HTML) elements of a page without changing each of them separately, which saves time and effort.


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