How we can connect air conditioning electricity


Connect the air conditioner to the electrical power

The air conditioner consists of two central units: the first installed inside the house and the other outside, and electrical power is delivered to them as follows:

  • Connect the active line (red) to the L mark.
  • Connect the neutral line (black) to the N mark.
  • Connect an electrical wire between S1 and L.
  • Connect an electrical wire between S1 and N.
  • Connect the S3 wire between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

A / C parts

Air conditioners regulate room temperature by eliminating moisture and pumping air at appropriate temperatures. Thus four main parts are required for this process, which are evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, and compressor, and all of these butchers can combine in one air conditioning unit, Or it is divided into two units, one inside the room and the other outside so that the expansion valve and the evaporator are inside the room. It called the hard part, while the hot part is installed outside the room and contains both the condenser and the compressor.

The mechanism of action of the air conditioner

The mechanism of operation of the air conditioner revolves around the change in the phase of the substance, between the liquid and the gaseous phase, so that the liquid absorbed heat when it transformed from the liquid phase to the gaseous phase. A liquid called chlorofluorocarbon prefers for that function, which is an organic compound that has proven effective in air conditioners, as the compressor compresses. The refrigerant gas is sent to the condenser to become a high-pressure coolant. It goes to the evaporator in part inside the room for the expansion valve to allow that high-pressure liquid to expand and evaporate inside the condenser, which leads to the absorption of heat from the air surrounding the evaporator so that the coolant is a low-pressure gas. The ball goes back to the compressor again.

The inventor of the air conditioner

The air conditioner is considered one of the ten best engineering achievements of the twentieth century. The honor was that of the American inventor Willis Carrier, who designed the first air conditioner in 1902 AD to solve humidity in a printing factory in New York. Now from technological development.


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