How to Speed Up Google Chrome


Google Chrome is continually updating.

Continuously updating Google Chrome is one of the best things to speed it up, and Google Chrome automatically updates itself and installs updates. Still, only when it is closed, so it can easily update by closing it every period, or if Google Chrome needs to keep open all the time The presence of new updates can detect by noticing that the options icon on the far right of the toolbar turns into a green arrow pointing towards the top, and the user can open the options menu and click on Update Google Chrome, then click on the restart button: Relaunch to complete the update process.


Close unused tabs

The more tabs open through Google Chrome, the more difficult it will be for Google Chrome to work smoothly, so it recommended to close unused tabs through one of the following methods:

  • clicking the close X icon on the tab.
  • Use the shortcut Ctrl + w to close tabs for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • Use the shortcut Ctrl + w to close tabs for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.


Dump transition memory

It recommended to empty the transition memory to speed up the work of Google Chrome by typing the following link: chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData in the address bar, then selecting the option for cached images and files, and a better speed can be obtained by scanning all the elements By selecting (from the beginning of time).


Check for spyware and junk software.

For Windows users, they can detect the presence of spyware by using Google’s Software Removal Tool or scan the system with the help of anti-malware programs: (Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware), as for users of the operating system, Macs can use anti-malware software for Mac.


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