How to insert a footnote in Word


Inserting a footnote in Word via Windows

Microsoft Word allows its users to add what is known as footnotes, to cite some references and sources at the end of the text, or even explain a specific concept mentioned through the text. It must note that these footnotes automatically number when they include. Space increases The number assigned to footnotes at the bottom of the text increases their number and also automatically shrinks according to the amount of text that you take, and the command to insert a footnote via Word is easy, and here are the steps for inserting a footnote through Word that works on the Windows operating system:

  • Click the References tab, which appears at the top of the screen.
  • Put the mouse cursor over the place where the user wants to insert the footnote, and usually, the footnotes appear in the form of small serial numbers where the annotation is to insert.
  • Click the Insert Footnote button under the Footnotes section.
  • Adjust some footnote settings in Word according to the user’s desire, so the footnote numbers are inserted in Word sequentially across the entire document. The footnote numbers can be set up again on every page via Word. The shape of the footnote numbers can change into symbols, and the appearance of the footnotes below the text can adjust. Direct instead of showing it at the bottom of the page.


Insert a post in Word via Mac

The following are the steps for inserting a footnote via Word 2016 installed on a Mac computer:

  • Place your mouse pointer over the text where you want the footnote inserted.
  • Click the References tab.
  • Choose the Insert Footnote option.
  • Write the text of the annotation to be inserted in the word text.
  • Double-click the footnote mark to return to the text in Word.


Insert page numbers in Word

The following are the steps for page numbering for a specific document in Word:

  • Click on the Insert tab within the Word document.
  • I am clicking on the “Page Number” option, located in the Header & Footer section.
  • I am clicking on one of the options on the screen, which includes the location of the number on the page, and many other options.


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