How to Delete easily a blank page in Word


Delete a blank page in Word with the paragraph mark

The following are the steps for deleting a blank page from your Word document:

  • Open the word document whose page you want to delete.
  • Enable showing paragraph mark () in the Word document by clicking on the (Ctrl + Shift + 8) keys on the Windows computer.
  • Go to the blank page to be deleted.
  • Select all the paragraph marks that appear on the page.
  • Clicking on the delete key (Del) to delete all these tags, delete the empty page to be removed, and this may require pressing the delete key (Del) more than once to delete the page.
  • Disable showing paragraphs in the document by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + 8) again.


Deleting a blank page at the end of a table in Word

The following are the steps for deleting a blank page located at the bottom of a table in the Word document:

  • Open the word file from which you want to delete the page.
  • Go to the Table Tools menu, which locates at the top of the document screen.
  • Click on Layout.
  • Click on View Gridlines.
  • Enable showing paragraph mark by clicking on the (Ctrl + Shift + 8) keys.
  • Select all paragraph marks that appear below the table.
  • I was clicking on the font size icon in the document’s main menu (Home).
  • Modify the font size to 1, then press Enter to choose the new measure, and this command will cause the blank page to disappear directly due to reducing the size of the hidden paragraphs in it


Delete a page with content in Word

The following are the steps for deleting a page that contains any different data or images in Word:

  • Click with the mouse anywhere on the word you want to delete.
  • Pressing the (Ctrl + G) keys on the Windows computer or clicking the Option + ⌘ + G keys on the Mac computer.
  • Move to the option, Enter page number.
  • Enter the number of the page to be deleted, then go to it by clicking on the (Enter) key.
  • Typing the command \ page, then pressing Enter again.
  • Close the window shown on the screen by clicking on the Close button.
  • They are pressing the Delete key until the page whose contents were specified is deleted.


Delete a page via the keyboard

It is possible to delete a page from the pages of a Microsoft Word document, especially if this page is at the end of the form, by following the following steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the word document by pressing (Ctrl + End) on the keyboard.
  • Click and hold the so-called backspace on the keyboard.
  • Release the backward delete key when the delete process reaches the desired end of the document.


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