How to convert images to a PDF file from Windows


How to convert images to a PDF file from Windows

Converting images to a PDF file can be done through the Windows operating system, and below we will learn how to do this:

  • I am clicking on the Start button, or what is known as the Start button.
  • Type the word Photos in the search box appearing at the bottom of the Start menu, then click on the Photos option within the search results.
  • Click on the Select option in the upper right corner of the Photos program window that opens.
  • Add the images that the user wants to convert to the PDF file.
  • Click on the Print icon on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Confirm through the menu that Microsoft Print to PDF is the supported option for printing.
  • Click on the Print button right side at the bottom of the appearing print menu to open a new menu in which the new file name entered in the PDF format, and then you decide where to save this file.
  • I am clicking the Save button.


How to convert images to a PDF file through software

Many different programs can perform the task of converting images into a PDF file, such as PrimoPDF, which can access through the website or CuteFTP, and these programs can be used by downloading and installing them on the user’s device and then opening the images Through any program to edit or view photos, then click on the print icon in this image display program used and choose the PrimoPDF option or the CuteFTP option as an option to print through it, instead of selecting any of the printers available on the device where these images will convert into a file in a format. The PDF instead of printing it.


How to convert images to a PDF file through websites

Some websites can convert images into PDF files, and is one example of these sites that add photos to them to convert them into PDF files.


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