How to access the internet router page as an admin


Enter the router internet page as an admin

You can access the router internet  page as an admin by following the following steps:

  • Ensure that the router’s computer is connected wirelessly or via Ethernet.
  • Detect the router’s IP address, and most routers manufactured to operate with a default address, so while,,, or
  • Open the web browser on the computer, such as (Microsoft Edge), (Chrome), (Internet Explorer), or (Firefox), and use the (IP) address of the router to connect to its internet page.
  • Enter the login information for the router; To authenticate the admin settings and enter the router page.


How to change the router’s name and password

The admin can change the default router name (SSID) and its password once accessing the router page. The steps for how to find the wireless password section may differ from one device to another, but most routers can change their default name and password by Follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the router’s private page, as previously shown.
  • Find the subsection titled Setup or Wireless Setup, and it usually appears on the left side or at the top of the window.
  • Go to the Wireless Setup menu, and enter both the preferred username in the (Name (SSID) field and the new password in the (Passphrase) field.
  • Click on the “apply” button to save the changes, then exit the router page.


Recognizing the username and password of the internet router

Most internet routers use a default username and password, and if the device’s username and password cannot remember, any internet browser can use it to find them. And that is by opening the Google search engine or any other search engine and typing the phrase username and the default password for (commercial router name) or as follows: (X router default username and password)

If it is not possible to log in using it, this means that the administrator or anyone else has changed the default password and username, and the solution here is to reset the device to return the default settings; This done by inserting an object with a pointed head such as a pen or a pin into the reset button on the router, pressing it on the button for ten seconds, then dropping it.


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