How can I hide the appearance of WhatsApp?


How can I hide the appearance of WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp application comes with default settings that allow others to know the time of the last appearance of the WhatsApp user, and to change these settings and hide the time of the previous arrival of the user on WhatsApp, the following steps must take:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the phone of the user who wants to hide the timing of his last appearance in WhatsApp.
  • Enter the WhatsApp options menu by clicking on the three orthogonal dots button that appears on the right side of the top of the WhatsApp screen.
  • Choose the Settings option to enter the WhatsApp settings.
  • Click on Account, then choose the Privacy option.
  • Modify the last seen option in WhatsApp by clicking on the Last Seen option, then choosing the Nobody option from among the options shown, to hide the time of the last appearance of the user from all other WhatsApp users.


How to find out who is most connected to the user

The WhatsApp user can get to know the most people who communicate with them through this application and exchange various messages with them, and to do this on an Android phone; the following steps must take:

  • Go to the WhatsApp settings menu, which is referred to in English as Settings.
  • Clicking on the Chat option in the Settings menu, then choosing the Chat History option.
  • I am clicking on Email Chat to show a list of WhatsApp users who use the largest storage space on the user’s phone.


How to block a user in WhatsApp

A WhatsApp user can block another user by doing the following steps:

  • Go to the main WhatsApp options menu, then choose the Settings option.
  • Select the Account option, then click on Privacy.
  • Clicking Blocked contacts, then clicking the Add button in the list.
  • Choose the person to be banned to added to the list of excluded people on WhatsApp.


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